Design Functions Services




We have an extensive history of electrical design solutions. Our designers and technicians leverage their years of experience to create a truly diverse and innovate selection of products. Below are a sampling of our capabilities

  • High to low voltage designs
  • Power Supply design (constant current & voltage)
  • Safety design, UL, FM CSA, ATEX, CE etc.
  • Multi-jurisdiction designs
  • Product Testing & Certification (external labs)
  • Analog design
  • Digital design
  • FPGA / CPLD Design (Verilog & VHDL)
  • Mixed Signal
  • Microprocessor Designs
  • ARM, Freescale, TI, Intel, Renesas, Atmel
  • Microcontroller Designs
  • Cypress, Microchip, Philips, Atmel, Cirrus
  • PCB Design Services (IPC Certified Designer)

rf & Wireless design

We possess RF and wireless expertise through contractural relationships and have demonstrated broad design experience on commercial and Department of Defense (DoD) products, including the following. 

  • VLF, HF, VHF, UHF and Microwave Systems 
  • (60KHz – 40GHz) including C-Band/Ku-Band Satellite Systems 
  • Converters – Translators , Low Noise Blocks and Up/Down Converters 
  • Isolator, Mixers, Multiplexers, Filters 
  • Oscillators, Power Amplifiers (mW to Kw) 
  • Receivers and Transmitters 
  • Repeaters 
  • WiMax 
  • ZigBee 

Examples of measurement expertise and experience:

  • Group Delay 
  • Gain/Loss 
  • Harmonics 
  • RF Power 
  • Intermodulation 
  • Isolation 
  • Noise Figure 
  • Phase Noise 
  • Return Loss 
  • Adjacent Channel 

Software Design

Our team provides a diverse array of software design capabilities.

Languages Supported

  • C++, Java, Basic, C#, LabVIEW, Labwindows, TestStand

Development Methodologies

  • Structured Design
  • Object Oriented Design

Testing Methodologies

  • Unit tests,
  • System & integration testing

Persistent Systems (database applications, etc.)

Workflow Systems (order / job flow / helpdesk, etc.)

Client & Server Development: CMR Level 1

System Design.png


For each complete system design, we produce a comprehensive design plan that includes factors like timeline, future enhancements, and production costs.

Supported Design Models

  • DOD-STD-2167A
  • MIL-STD-498
  • Customer models
  • Waterfall
  • V Model
  • Spiral
  • Proof of concept

Document Design Functions

  • Develop system documents: Architectural, Specification, Design, Test, Code Documentation, Version Descriptions
  • Graphic design: Design Diagrams, Custom graphics, Image enhancement
  • Documentation tools: Office Suite, Adobe, Allclear
  • Output formats: Paper, XML, UML, HTML, MSOffice, Optical, PDF 
  • Drawings: IGES, DWG, 3D PARTS

Management Functions

  • Project Control
    • Microsoft Project Gantt chart scheduling
    • Meeting control
    • Cost modeling
  • Configuration Management
    • Software version control: Sub-Version Repository, Q-Pulse Document Control
  • Change control review board
  • Change notices
Mechanical Design (Gray).png


Our network of designers and technicians can create a complete mechanical design for your product. As always, we can step into the design process at any point and make any necessary suggested improvements or modifications. Our mechanical design services include: 

  • Material Selection
  • CAD Solid Modeling
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Dynamic Simulation (Autodesk / Solidworks)
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Electronics Integration
  • Short Run Prototyping
  • Prototype Qualification Testing